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June 2014  

Mossy Oak® Gear Spotlight


"The hunting industry is growing year after year with more products available for us as hunters. Each year I come across a few products that truly help me be more productive in the field. I call these products "game changers," because they are unique and designed to help the hunter harvest more animals. The Double Barrel Arrow Loader is one of those "game changers" that I will be using year round on my bow."

- Brian Stevens - Ultimate Bowhunting TV

Sept 2013

  "I would encourage you to grab one of these up, stick it on your rig, I promise you it's a cool product and in that moment when you have the opportunity to get a second shot, it's gonna be a perfect tool to add to your arsenal."

Sept 2012  

Outdoor Journal

  “This really caught my eye because I can remember a number of times when I needed to stand perfectly still waiting for an opportunity to take another arrow out of my quiver to get another shot at a deer I had just missed. But this new Double Barrel Arrow Loader puts the next shot right where you can get at it with the least amount of movement because it’s right there above your nocking point and arrow rest and pointed in the right direction. There are no moving parts and the shooter is in control of moving the arrow from the Double Barrel Arrow Loader to the rest. It attaches easily to your bow, is light weight and designed for right and left handers."
– Ed Noonan

April 2012  

Inside Archery

  "Rarely in archery does a product stand alone in a category as much as the Double Barrel Arrow Loader."

April 2012  

Talk Hunting

  "No, your bow does not shoot two arrows at once but this product is the closest thing to it."

March 2012  

Archery Business

  "The unique new Double Barrel Arrow Loader was designed to solve all the pesky problems associated with making good on precious second-shot opportunities."

Jan 2012

Petersen's Bowhunting

"Eight 'must-see' products from the ATA's Innovation Zone."

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