Double Barrel Arrow Loader  

What is it and why do I need it?

In the simplest terms the Double Barrel Arrow Loader™ is a bracket that attaches to your bow to hold a second arrow in a position that will minimize the time and motion required to load and fire that arrow. You could consider the Double Barrel Arrow Loader™ to be a single arrow quiver that is mounted in a horizontal position on the business side of the bow. There are no moving parts or mechanical means of moving the arrow out of the loader and onto your rest. With simple hand movements, the archer controls the process of moving the arrow from the Double Barrel Arrow Loader™ to the arrow rest.

There is no other product that does what this product does. With the ability to fire a second arrow in about half the time, you'll increase your chances of bringing home the game.


  • Fast & stealthy reloading
  • Made from strong, lightweight materials
  • No moving parts
  • Universal design for left hand or right hand
  • Adjustable to fit your bow setup
  • Unique, patented design attaches to any bow in minutes
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Get the edge this season with the Double Barrel Arrow Loader™
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