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Double Your Chances at Success with the New Double Barrel Arrow Loader.™

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Looking for that second arrow in a split second? Bow hunters no longer need worry about wasting time or risking motion and sound with this new invention for 2012, as DJD Enterprises, LLC announces the Double Barrel Arrow Loader™, a revolutionary patented archery accessory that significantly increases chances of success by pre-loading the second arrow on the bow.

“This is a one-of-a-kind, must-have archery accessory that truly adds new functionality to your bow,” says Dave Daigler, president of DJD Enterprises, LLC. Daigler created the new device after an afternoon of hunting. He was settling into a new tree stand location and couldn’t find a handy spot to locate a second, follow-up arrow. The idea of having the second arrow on the bow and ready to go took hold. Daigler built the first Double Barrel Arrow Loader™ prototype that night and was hunting with it the next day.

Daigler shared his idea with 3,500 experienced hunters from 50 states. He discovered that more than 70% of the hunters also prepare for a second shot by locating a second arrow nearby on the stand. These hunters also said that they only get a second shot around 22% of the time, due to time, movement and noise in locating, loading and firing the second arrow.

The Double Barrel Arrow Loader™ solves all of the problems associated with second shots. It attaches easily and quickly to any style of bow and increases the odds of bringing home the game. Daigler says, “Let’s face it, we spend hours, days and even weeks hunting but we only spend seconds shooting at game. We need to make every second count.”

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Get the edge this season with the Double Barrel Arrow Loader™
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